Course Development

To be added to our development queue, request a Global Campus project.

Getting Started: I’ve been asked to develop an online course

  1. First, your Department Chair contacts the Global Campus with the development term, delivery term, and name of the developer.
  2. Global Campus will assign an Instructional Designer (ID) to work 1:1 with you to build the online course implementing best practices for teaching online. See the process map below.
    Note: While you may have taught this course on-campus, it helps to review existing content and discuss how best to deliver the content online.
course design process begins with course request, leads to define (roles, goals, target completion date), design (design matrix, project timeline, list of project resources), build (content creation and selection, course space), review (all components of course), deliver (facilitation support), evaluate, maintain

Download Course Design Process (pdf)


Allow 3-6 months prior to delivery; discuss time line considerations with your ID.


As you provide content, the ID will facilitate the building of your course space, working with a team of WSU Online specialists. This includes connecting you with members of the media team to create rich multi-media learning objects for your course. Learn more about the design process.