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Use 25Live to schedule a meeting or event via WSU’s videoconference system.

To make a request select the “Sign In” link at the top right side of the 25Live webpage, then select the “Event Wizard” tab at the top left side of the page. Use these instructions (pdf) to help you navigate this process.

High Definition Connections for Next-Generation Learning

Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) administers Washington State University’s standards-based video conference system to allow unprecedented access to education.

What is Video Conferencing?

Hundreds of classrooms and conference rooms across our state-wide system are outfitted with enterprise-level equipment to facilitate communication with fellow Cougs, and the rest of the world.  Our campuses and extension sites can see eye-to-eye, while simultaneously sharing high definition computer content, without the need to travel. This allows access to expertise to not be limited by physical location and educational collaboration to extend beyond the walls of the physical location. Participants that do not have access to a dedicated room, such as guest speakers, can join in via their laptop.

Videoconference System

Academic Outreach & Innovation collaborates with WSU partners in IT infrastructure and systems support in order to coordinate videoconference operations across the state. Through these efforts connections are scheduled, routed, and monitored for quality and timeliness. This service collaboration enables a standardization of operation, quality and unprecedented access to education.

Standard Room Equipment

  • Large high definition projector or monitor for computer content
  • Independent display for people
  • Multiple cameras to display people via presets or automated camera tracking
  • Total room microphone coverage with noise-blocking technology
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