Teaching a Global Campus Course

Getting Started: I’ve been asked to teach online

  1. First, your Department Chair contacts the Global Campus to assign you as the instructor to the course.
  2. The course space is created by Global Campus, and you are contacted via an automated email and asked to complete our Course Verification process. If the course was developed by another faculty member, you will likely only need to reply with “no changes”.
  3. The course space will be copied from a prior offering of the course. We suggest that you teach the course as it was originally designed the first time you teach online. Most departments require chair approval to make major changes to online courses. Note: This course was likely developed by someone else in your department.
  4. Through the Course Verification process you will communicate with AOI to provide information for four key areas: textbook, media, proctored exams, and General Maintenance.
    1. Textbooks: Text book information is due to the Bookie 12 weeks prior to the first day of class
  5. Academic Outreach and Innovation has several resources available to you as an online instructor.
    1. Online Orientation to Online Teaching: you are required to complete prior to beginning teaching
    2. Complete our Excellence in Online Teaching Course
  6. All WSU resources are also available to you and your students—e.g., Counseling Services, the WSU Access Center (formerly the Disability Resource Center), eTutoring, Student Standards, and Accountability, etc.

Tips for Success

  • Be Present. The best way to ensure the success of your online course and students is to be actively engaged in the course space frequently, so you can provide feedback and answer questions.
  • Provide timely, frequent, and detailed feedback. Lack of feedback is the most frequent reason given by students for withdrawing from an online course.
  • Foster a learning community. Include activities that encourage students to connect such as group work, discussion forums, and peer reviews.
  • Address “netiquette” issues promptly and directly. Don’t assume that students know what’s not appropriate to post on the Discussion Board; help them understand just as you would in the classroom. Address any questionable posts promptly; don’t let the problem get out of hand. If the situation escalates, you may need to involve the WSU Dean of Students or the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Be aware that many students review the entire course space and plan out their semester of work when the course begins, and plan accordingly.

Online Instructor Orientation: If you are new to teaching online, new to teaching online at WSU, or haven’t taught online in two or more years, please take the Online Teaching Orientation.