Cougar Capture

What is Cougar Capture?

Cougar Capture is a collection of LMS-friendly tools that enable instructors to capture and archive lectures, create video clips and prepare media elements for online and face-to-face instruction.  Students will be able to view archived lectures and also create media of their own.  Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) can assist with selecting, setting up and testing the right tool for your task.  

Cougar Capture, in General University Classrooms (GUCs), allows instructors to record and store lectures.  The recording can include video, audio, and the content you are displaying on the classroom computer.  These recordings are then stored in the LMS and can be edited and shared.  Currently, WSU uses Panopto as its lecture capture solution. Learn how to create a Panopto recording in a GUC classroom

Cougar Capture can also be used outside the classroom to create media clips for online lectures, assignments or activities and stored within your course space.  Currently, WSU supports Panopto.

FERPA and Cougar Capture Recording

As classroom technologies continue to advance, more instructors are utilizing video and audio recordings of class sessions and student projects. Instructors sometimes use these recordings to allow students to review or watch a missed class or to share with next semester’s class. Depending on how the recordings are created or edited, they may constitute educational records that are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)—the federal student privacy law. Please review our recording retention policy and FAQs  to learn more about acceptable practices for utilizing video and audio recordings in each classroom setting.

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Support Resources


  • Visit Panopto Support
  • If you are teaching in a General University Classroom, contact or 335‑5044
  • If you are teaching a Global Campus course, contact or 335‑4320
  • If you aren’t sure where to start, contact either office above and they’ll get you to the right place

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