Content Presentation Tools

For cost and user experience reasons, please refrain from uploading video and other large files (e.g. videos, PDFs, PPTs, etc.) directly to the course space. Visit Minimizing Storage of Digital Content Stored in your LMS Course Space for more details.

Review Delivering Course Content for more ideas.

Wanting to flip your class, or provide your students access to course content outside of class time? See below for ideas, examples, and suggestions to incorporate the latest solutions into your pedagogy. Use the links provided to learn more and check out our showcase page to see examples of mediated content created by the Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) media team.

AOI provides lab space to allow instructors to use many of these tools for free and with limited in-house support. Please email

As you peruse these categories, keep the following principles in mind:

Screen capture technologies, such as Panopto, Jing or Camtasia, are ideal for recording whatever is on your desktop from your PowerPoint presentation to an Excel demonstration.

Lightboards (showcase demonstration), Wacom Tablets and Digital pens allow you to create narrated recordings of hand written work such as equations, graphs or drawings. Students can revisit your lecture and “chalkboard” presentation as a refresher.

Podcasts are audio recordings of lectures, interviews, radio programs, and other materials. Many podcasts are available from renowned sources, including universities and news agencies.

Games offer a non-traditional approach to present foundational material. Some of the most popular are crossword puzzles, Jeopardy-style quizzes, flash cards, and hangman. Games are a fun way to reinforce terminology or definitions, present facts and figures, and information on historical events. Games can be set up for individual use, as a collaborative endeavor, or structured as a competitive activity.  There are a number of online platforms that support creation of these types of games. Alternatively, you can recommend these tools to your students to create their own study aids.