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Learning Innovations

Enhancing teaching and learning with technology

Who We Are

Learning Innovations is one of the four pillars of WSU’s Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI).

AOI’s Learning Innovations initiative serves to discover, implement and support academic technology that increases faculty efficiency and enhances student access and engagement. AOI works with all faculty—both on campus and online—to create an environment where innovative pedagogy can flourish, wise experimentation is supported, and all learners receive the most robust and rewarding educational experience possible.

What We Do

Ultimately, teaching is about fostering learning; technology does not replace pedagogy. There are many technology tools that will enhance great teaching thereby increasing student engagement, learning, and retention.

The goal of the AOI Learning Innovations team is to provide support to faculty looking for ideas to overcome common teaching challenges often through the application of academic technology.

Technology can help to address many situations, from serving as an early alert warning system to identify students at risk or providing an immediate back-up plan for unforeseen situations, to increasing connection with students in large enrollment courses and teaching efficiency.

The AOI Learning Innovations Team can assist you in designing courses, activities, and assessments that:

  • align with your course learning goals (Instructional Design);
  • select and implement the right academic technology tool (Emerging Techs);
  • create rich media objects that convey course content in easily digestible ways (Media team);
  • and more.

Throughout this site you will find information as to how AOI can help faculty achieve these goals through the sound pedagogical implementation of Academic Technology Tools.

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Instructor Support

Review support options that include live assistance and self-guided inquiry.


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Trainings & Workshops

Our training offerings are virtual and open to anyone teaching a WSU course on any WSU campus.

Pedagogy + Technology = Learning Innovations

Faculty Support

  • Technology Test Kitchen
  • Choosing Technology and Implementing in the Classroom
  • ADA and Copyright Compliance
  • General University Classroom Support
  • Emerging Technologists and Instructional Designers (we can work with you 1 on 1!)


  • Media Development Support
  • 3D Printing
  • DIY Media
  • Lecture Capture


  • Technology
  • On-Demand
  • Community of Practice, Teaching Tips

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