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About the Award

This award seeks to acknowledge and reward those faculty teaching Global Campus courses who go the extra mile to inspire and engage students in learning, support and care about students, and encourage students to do and be their best.

Annually, currently enrolled students receive an email invitation to nominate an instructor who fits this description by answering the questions at right. Nominated instructors are also assessed on responsiveness and engagement in the online course space.

Award Winners


Jack McNassar

WSU Names Jack NcNassar Winner of Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Jack McNassar, a Washington State University Global Campus anthropology instructor, is the winner of the 2019-20 Excellence in Online Teaching Award. The student-nominated annual award is now in its fourth year.

McNassar was one of 36 online instructors nominated for the award and a total of 82 student nominations were received.

“Professor McNassar continually inspired me and the other students in the course,” said Markayla Thornhill in her nomination of McNassar. “He is open for questions, and he always responds in such a kind and caring way … his encouraging words made everyone want to be a better student and do their best work.”

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Photo: Jason Porter.
Jason Porter

WSU Names Jason Porter Winner of Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Jason Porter, associate professor of accounting in the WSU Carson College of Business, is the winner of the 2018-19 Excellence in Online Teaching Award. The student-nominated annual award is sponsored by Academic Outreach & Innovation.

Porter is one of 35 instructors nominated for the award. He will receive $3000 and a trophy in recognition of his win. Nick Braasch, an accounting major and one of eight students who nominated Porter, said in his nomination, “Dr. Porter has gone above and beyond my expectations. His instructional videos and class discussion sessions have been extremely thorough and well explained.” 

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Lee Daffin
Lee Daffin

Daffin wins 2018 Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Lee Daffin, WSU clinical associate professor of psychology, is the winner of the 2017-2018 Excellence in Online Teaching Award. Academic Outreach & Innovation (AOI) sponsors the student-nominated annual award, now in its second year.

Kelly Dunn, a senior majoring in psychology, was one of the six students to nominate Daffin, stating in her nomination, “Dr. Daffin has inspired me to pursue my interests and through that I was able to pick a program for grad school that I had been struggling with for two years. I can’t think of a professor who deserves this more than he does.”

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Katy Fry
Katy Fry

Fry 2017 winner of Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Katy Fry, clinical assistant professor of history, received the student-nominated Excellence in Online Teaching Award.

“Dr. Fry was very responsive and dedicated to the online classroom. She pushed us to do our best by providing very specific feedback on assignments, by taking the time to clarify and thoroughly explain assignments and expectations, and by providing many sources for help.”


In 3-4 sentences please address each of the following:

  • Describe how this instructor inspired you to learn.
  • Describe how the instructor pushes students to do their best.
  • How does the instructor engage in the “classroom” in a way that encourages thinking and learning?
  • How did the faculty demonstrate care or concern for students?

Indicate the extent to which you agree/disagree with each of the following (Likert 1-5):

  • The course space is a welcoming, safe environment where diverse viewpoints can be expressed.
  • There is/was significant interaction, between the students and the instructor throughout the course.
  • Course activities facilitate development of a connected class community.
  • The instructor facilitates a connected class community.
  • I understand how the assignments and assessments contribute to my learning.
  • What I needed to do to be successful in the course was clear.