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Bb Learn Demo Course

To Access the Bb Learn Demo Course:

  1. Open Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Go to Internal Login
  3. Select the Non-WSU sign-in Here link.
  4. Next to Username type: wsustudent
  5. Next to Password type: wsustudent
  6. Select the Login button
  7. In My Courses, under Courses in which you are enrolled as a student, select the link to the course space CONT-ONLIN-SOIL_SCI-201-NC375158-LEC and start exploring.

Canvas Demo Course

To Access the Canvas Demo Course:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to WSU login
  3. Username: wsustudent
  4. Password: wsustudent
  5. Select the LogIn button
  6. Select the Sample Course Space on your Dashboard.