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What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that supports a range of uses from fully online courses to hybrid, blended, and flipped learning.

The LMS allows for delivery of materials and communication to students, administrations of tests and assignments, record keeping, early alerts, and more.

What is Kaltura Media Gallery?

Kaltura is AOI’s video platform. Offering a broad set of video storage and management tools and tightly integrated with Canvas, Kaltura provides a way to easily embed videos into an online course space.

What is Canvas?

Washington State University has transitioned to the Canvas LMS. As of Fall 2021, every campus course has an associated online canvas course space which is used to support teaching and learning. For those enrolled in or teaching a Canvas course, navigate to and log in with your WSU NID and password to access Canvas.

Request a Canvas sandbox.

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