What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports a range of uses from fully online courses to hybrid, blended, and flipped learning.

Canvas allows for delivery of materials and communication to students, administrations of tests and assignments, record keeping, early alerts, and more.

Access Canvas

To access your course space, navigate to and log in with your WSU NID and password.

Create a Technology Contingency Plan

Below are best practices for protecting yourself from technology failure with any third-party tool, including Canvas:

  • Export grades.
  • Back up your non-Global course content on a regular basis (after making any changes to course content, for example).
  • Back up all course-related work (e.g., graded assignments) external to your computer – USB, cloud storage, or other external media storage.
  • Keep tech support information external to your computer.
  • If you are using a non-WSU computer, be sure it is secure and that both antivirus and anti-spyware are installed: Information Security Guidelines 

What is a course “More Information” page?

All courses have a “More Information” page which is where students can go to find additional course-related information including, but not limited to, credits, a description, and textbooks.

More Information pages are available:

  • in the Schedule of Classes. Select the More Information link listed with the course.
  • in myWSU. In the Class Details/Notes section for the course, the web address for the page will be listed. Copy the web address and paste it in your browser.

Example of a More Information page

Prior Syllabus Versions

For Global Campus, the More Information page also offers a link to prior iterations of the “Course Overview” and “Course Work” information from previous syllabus. Beginning for your Fall 2022 course, the link will appear at the bottom of the More Information page.

Note for Faculty

  • Due to the process being used, it is critical that the existing section header names of “Course Work” and “Course Overview” remain unchanged.
  • The following information should not be added to the aforementioned sections:
    • Semester-specific information (e.g., dates, events, etc.)
    • Confidential information (e.g., codes)
    • Name or contact information of the instructor or TAs
    • Specifics about assignments (e.g., instructions, due dates, etc.)
    • Any other information you do not want made public

Example of “Course Overview” and “Course Work” information

Review Global Campus communication regarding Fall 2022 for additional information.

Canvas Support

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