Tips for Using Zoom

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Tips for Using Zoom

Remote delivery can be challenging, but it is even more difficult if your students are disengaged.  Here are a few strategies and ideas for engaging your students during Zoom class sessions. 

Student Engagement

  • Provide digital copies of all course materials (e.g. handouts, in-class readings, etc.) through the course LMS in advance of the class meeting.
  • Create small groups for class activities using breakout rooms.
  • Allow all learners to have an equal amount of time to respond to questions by using quick response tools like Zoom Polls, Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, and Kahoot! To name a few.  
  • Incorporate collaborative tools, like Perusall, to allow students to interact with and comment on the same in-class reading.
  • Annotate over PowerPoint to help draw students’ attention to important content. Use the annotation feature in PowerPoint to create simple annotations that will engage students in person and at a distance.
  • Create a back-channel for students to submit questions using tools like Google Docs and Padlet. Questions can be addressed during or after class.

Take advantage of supplementary tools such as Blackboard to…keep [students engaged] between class periods.

—Mark Beattie, WSU—Everett

For specific activities and strategies visit the LI Student Engagement Strategies page.

Resource: Weekly Tip: Zoom is the New Tool for Collaborating with Your Students

Best Practices

Implementing just a few best practices can help you create an engaging and positive student experience when using Zoom.  Check out Meeting and Webinar Best Practices.

  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable network connection.
  • Be aware of the content you are sharing with students.
  • Be aware of your background (use digital backgrounds if needed).
  • Pause after a question to give students an opportunity to answer.
  • Ensure “mute participants upon entry” is selected for each meeting you create.
  • Practice before your class so you are comfortable with the technology.

There’s no substitute for preparation.

—Mark Beattie, WSU—Everett

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