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Activities for Student Engagement: An Interactive Resource Table

To learn more about a particular activity for student engagement, select the activity’s link in the top row of the table below. A pdf with details including an overview, ways to implement the activity, and sample instructions, will open.

Navigation Tips

  • Scroll to the right to see more columns of activities and their corresponding answers to the questions that are listed in the legend below the table.
  • To locate a specific activity, use the search textbox above the table.
  • The columns are arranged in ascending order (alphabetically or numerically) by default. To sort the rows of the table in descending order, click the back arrow in the first column of the row. To return to ascending order, click the forward arrow.

Contact an instructional designer at if you would like help tailoring or combining these activities to fit your students’ needs.

Activity    Type    Active Time (minutes)    Grading Effort    Content Delivery    Discussion    Content Check    Summary    Feedback    Tool
Blogs /VlogsIndividual or Group30MediumPeer/ InstructorPublic blog
Case StudyIndividual or Group30High ?  ? Peer/ InstructorPadlet/Discussion board/TopHat
Concept MappingIndividual or Group15Low ?  InstructorGoogle Drawings/Pen paper post-its
Defining Features MatrixIndividual or Group10Medium ? Peer/ InstructorPadlet / Bb assignment/ Google Sheets
Drawing For UnderstandingIndividual5Low ?  ? InstructorGoogle Drawings
Picture PromptIndividual  5Low ?  ? Peer/ InstructorPadlet / Discussion Board
Pro And Con GridIndividual or Group10Medium ? Peer/ InstructorBlog / Wiki/Google Sheets
Ranking AlternativesGroup10High ?  ?  ? Peer/ InstructorBB Surveys / TopHat
Student-Generated Test QuestionsIndividual10Low ?  ? Peer/ InstructorTopHat/Kahoot/Poll Everywhere Surveys/Quizzes
Think-Pair-ShareGroup10Low ? Peer/ InstructorKahoot/TopHat/Poll Everywhere
Twenty QuestionsGroup10Low ? Peer/ InstructorTopHat/Kahoot/Poll Everywhere Surveys/Quizzes
What’s The PrincipleIndividual or Group 5Medium ? InstructorDiscussion board

For more information about individual tools, visit Technology Tools.


 ?  = maybe      = yes 


Type: Can this activity be used with individuals, groups (2-5), or both?
Active Time: On average, how long does it take for students to complete this activity?
Grading Effort: On average, what level of grading effort is required from the instructor?
Content Delivery: Can this activity be used to deliver content?
Discussion: Can this activity be used to foster a discussion?
Content Check: Can this activity be used to review topics?
Summary: Can this activity be used to summarize topics?
Feedback: Who can give feedback during this activity?
Tool: What technology could help me execute this activity?

Considerations When Choosing an Activity

  • What preparation is expected of students?
  • How will you evaluate students’ work?
  • What do you hope students accomplish by participating in this activity?