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Fresh Ideas

Looking for fresh ideas to get your students more engaged?

We provide a variety of learning opportunities to faculty teaching in any environment. Interested in building your own online course? Join us at a training session or workshop!

Faculty Training and Workshop Schedule Spring 2020

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Jan 23 AOI LIFT Panel Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

The LIFT Fellows program focuses on the implementation of pedagogical and behavioral innovations and implementations across the undergraduate curriculum with goals to support students’ academic success, increase their life skills and resilience, and transform their experience at WSU.

Jan 28 Perusall: Ensure your students are reading Spark

In this training, you will learn to use this tool to proactively engage students in reading and provide a focus of conversation with automatically graded annotations.

Jan 29 Teaching with VoiceThread: Set-up and implementation Spark

In this training, you will learn how to engage students in robust asynchronous conversations as they interact with their peers.

Jan 30 Panopto Basics: How to get started Spark

Learn how to use this flexible recording an uploading tool.

Feb 3 Blackboard Learn: Basics Spark

New to Blackboard? This is the training for you! We will show you how to create, upload and edit content, including a review of the feature-rich content editor. We’ll suggest valuable ideas, short cuts, and tips designed to save you time and energy managing your online class.

Workshops and Events by Category

All upcoming workshops and events

New! Training on Demand

Are these scheduled events at inconvenient times for you? Do you have a group you’d like trained at one time? Schedule a custom training session! Use the online Request Training form to tell us what topic you’re interested in or the teaching issue you’d like to address.