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Fresh Ideas

Looking for fresh ideas to get your students more engaged?

We provide a variety of learning opportunities to faculty teaching in any environment. Interested in building your own online course? Join us at a training session or workshop!

Can’t attend on the Pullman campus?

Our trainings  and workshops can be attended in a variety of ways. All workshops and forums are video conferenced on all WSU campuses. All trainings and communities of practice can be attended virtually. See registration for details!

Faculty Training and Workshop Schedule Spring 2020

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Apr 8 Teaching from a distance: Community building and connection

In this training, we will cover simple ways to build a community-centered environment in your online course space.

Apr 8 Faculty-led workshop: I want to connect with as many of my students as possible

This panel of WSU faculty will discuss their personal experiences in their journey towards educator excellence. Tips and advice will be shared regarding

Apr 9 Teaching from a distance: Strategies and best practices

In this training, we will cover simple ways to engage with students and optimize your course space.

Apr 9 Zoom (Master Session)

Zoom allows users to communicate through webcam/microphones, chat, and screen sharing.

Apr 9 VoiceThread

Learn how to engage students in meaningful conversation by interacting with their peers and media.

Workshops and Events by Category

All upcoming workshops and events

New! Training on Demand

Are these scheduled events at inconvenient times for you? Do you have a group you’d like trained at one time? Schedule a custom training session! Use the online Request Training form to tell us what topic you’re interested in or the teaching issue you’d like to address.