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Fresh Ideas

Looking for fresh ideas to get your students more engaged?

We provide a variety of learning opportunities to faculty teaching in any environment. Interested in building your own online course? Join us at a training session or workshop!

Check out the spring 2019 training and workshop schedule below!

Faculty Training and Workshop Schedule Spring 2019

Blackboard Learn

All WSU courses are associated with a Blackboard course space for instructors to use as needed. For each of these training, we suggest you bring your own device to follow along.

Basics January 4, 16

For those new to Bb Learn. We will show you how to create, upload and edit content, including a review of the feature-rich content editor. We’ll also suggest valuable ideas, short cuts, and tips designed to save you time and energy managing your online class.

Virtual option offered.

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Blackboard Grade Center January 4, 15, April 18

We’ll explain different setup options, show how to grade and comment on student work, and demonstrate how to use the electronic rubric.

Virtual option offered.

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Blackboard Learn Rubrics & Assignments January 8

Electronic rubrics reduce grading fatigue and ensure more consistent judging criteria. In this session we will cover rubrics, assignments, and SafeAssign.

Virtual option offered.

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Blackboard Learn Tests & Quizzes January 9

A review of Blackboard’s full array of powerful question formats and setting options that allow you to precisely control and manage delivery of online assessments.

Virtual option offered.

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Classroom Technology

General University Classrooms (GUCs) January 3, 4

Learn about the technology options you can expect in all GUCs.

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Videoconference (VC) January 3, February 13

The synchronous distance learning technology allows students throughout the state – and beyond – to take part in WSU’s educational experience. Learn the basics of videoconferencing and how to use it in your classroom.

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Educational Technology Tools

Cougar Capture: Panopto January 17, February 11

Learn how to use this flexible recording and uploading tool. Create video lessons, in-video quizzing and schedule recordings. What is Panopto?

Virtual option offered.

Register for Cougar Capture: Panopto

Cougar Capture: VoiceThread January 18, March 5

Learn how to engage students in meaningful conversation by interacting with their peers and media. Create, comment, collaborate, and share information with this tool that centers conversations around media (instructor created, student created, or already existing). What is VoiceThread?

Virtual option offered.

Register for Cougar Capture: VoiceThread

Webconference: Collaborate Ultra January 30

This web conferencing tool allows users to communicate through webcam/microphones, chat, and screen sharing. Learn about how this tool can be used to conduct real time class sessions, meetings, office hours, host remote presenters, and other events. What is Collaborate Ultra?

Virtual option offered.

Register for Webconference: Collaborate Ultra

Perusall: Ensure Your Students are Reading January 24, April 3

Use this tool to proactively engage students in reading and provide a focus of conversation with automatically graded annotations. This platform allows students to make comments, ask questions, and interact with peers in a quick and scalable way that allows misconceptions about the reading (or other media) to be easily identified. This tool is also a strong candidate for a flipped classroom. What is Perusall?

Virtual option offered.

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Enhancing Student Success

Strategies for Enhancing Student Success January 23, February 27, March 27, April 17

This series will explore active learning methods shown to result in greater learning achievement while also reducing drop, withdrawal, and failure rates. Participants will experience strategies that can be tailored to a variety of courses and learning outcomes. Each session will focus on different approaches, ranging from getting student buy-in to creating a course specific activity. Sessions are open to all instructors. You are welcome to attend one, a few, or all of the sessions available in the semester series.

Session 1: Defining active learning and techniques for getting student buy-in.

Session 2: Pre-class activities to prepare students for active learning.

Session 3: Proven techniques for engaging students in active learning.

Session 4: Creating activities tailored to your class.

certificate iconAttend all four sessions to receive an AOI Teaching Series Certificate! For more info, visit AOI Certificates.

Videoconference available in Spokane, Pullman, Everett, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver.

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Community of Practice February 6, March 6, April 10

Community of Practice meetings provide faculty an opportunity to share and discuss their teaching experiences and ideas with their peers.

  • All Faculty: For all disciplines and course environments. (February 6, April 10)
  • Large Enrollment: For all disciplines and course environments. Will focus on large enrollment courses. (March 6)

Virtual option offered.

Faculty-Led Workshops

Active learning sessions for faculty. Engage in the conversation! Lunch or snacks will be provided for Pullman attendees.

All sessions are available via videoconference at all WSU sites.

LIFT Panel January 22

LIFT and Academic Outreach and Innovation are hosting a panel and you are invited to participate! A facilitated set of questions will be provided to all panelists in advance for contemplation and will be asked during the session. There will also be time to interact with the audience answering their questions and discussing your experience of implementations in the classroom. The purpose of the panel is multifaceted: to highlight your learning and achievements regarding the implementation of LIFT approaches (lessons learned, tips), to recruit new LIFT fellows, and to advance the momentum of innovative teaching approaches at the university, expanding your circle of influence and collaboration. Find out more at Lift Faculty Fellowship.

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Keeping Your Students On Track to Successful Course Completion January 24

In this workshop faculty will discuss different techniques they have successfully used to keep students on track in their courses.

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Spring Teaching Innovation Forum February 18

Event 1
Making Teaching Matter: Creating persuasive and evidence-based documents that support

Many WSU faculty are deeply engaged in teaching, advising/mentoring, and educational leadership. Yet we struggle with how to showcase those activities and demonstrate outcomes when it comes time to prepare promotion packets—and most departments do a poor job of review.

Come hear about work of a consortium from five universities to develop an evidence-based model. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the dilemmas, a templated framework you can adapt for your own packet or department, and the first pages of a personal portfolio.

Event 2
Teaching Today’s Students

Today’s classroom includes a mix of students from varying backgrounds and levels of preparation, from Gen Z to adult learners, a growing number of international students, students with special needs and mental health concerns. How do we meet the challenge of engaging all of these students in the same classroom at the same time? Your students’ worldviews can impact and provide direction for your teaching. In this session, panelists will identify 3-5 key components unique to each population and will conclude with a question and discussion period. Come and gain insight into how to engage today’s students!

Learn more and register for the 2019 Teaching Innovation Forum

Transitioning Your Course to Use Open Educational Resources (OER) March 5

In this workshop faculty and students will discuss the use of open educational resources (OER) in classes at WSU and the resulting learning outcomes.

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Navigating the OER Environment March 6

This workshop will provide a general overview of the OER landscape. You will learn about Creative Commons licensing, tips for finding resources and support that is available on campus to help you search for and construct a variety of course resources including OER textbooks.

Register for Navigating the OER Environment

Sorting Tasks or Scaffolds for Argumentation April 2

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certificate iconAttend four sessions to receive an AOI Teaching Series Certificate! For more info, visit AOI Certificates.

Technology Test Kitchen Events

The TTK gives you hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies that you can utilize in your learning space (classroom, videoconference or online). In this session we will cover the 3-D scanner, 3-D printer, laser cutter and other tools available to you and your students.

New! Training on Demand

Are these scheduled events at inconvenient times for you? Do you have a group you’d like trained at one time? Schedule a custom training session! Use the online Request Training form to tell us what topic you’re interested in or the teaching issue you’d like to address.