Create a Panopto Recording (Mac)

These are instructions for using Panopto to record a video on a Macintosh computer (Mac).  Before your first recording, you must setup Panopto in your Canvas course space.

Do you need to record in a classroom?  Learn how to Create a Recording in a General University Classroom (GUC)

  1. Login to, and open your Canvas course space.
  2. Once in your course space, select Panopto Video from the left-hand course navigation menu.  This will take you to your course video folder.
  3. Once in your course video folder, select the Create button.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select Panopto for Mac
  5. In the Panopto for Mac pop-up window, you may either select Launch Panopto (if you already have Panopto installed on your computer) or Download Installer  (if you do not have Panopto installed).  When you select Download Installer, you will be guided through the download process.
  6. When you select Launch Panopto, a pop-up menu confirms your choice to open the Panopto recorder.  When you select Launch Panopto, a pop-up window opens to confirm your choice, select Open Panopto Recorder. alt="")
  7. Panopto Recorder 
    The Panopto recorder is what you will use to create your recording.  The options selected here determine what is recorded in your video and where the video is uploaded.
  • Under the section labeled Choose folder and session name’:
    • ‘Folder’: Ensure that the correct course video folder is selected. This folder is where the Panopto video will upload.  If the correct folder is not selected, choose the correct one from the dropdown list.  
    • ‘Session’: Rename the session to something descriptive or you can edit it later. Example: “Biology 100 – Exam Review”.  
  • Under the section labeled ‘Primary Sources’ :
    • ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’: Select the correct video and audio sources from the drop down menus.
      • Video: If you are using a camera, video will appear when the correct video source is selected.
      • Audio: Audio will register on the audio meter when the correct audio source is selected.
  • Under the section labeled ‘Slides’:
    • ‘Record PowerPoint’ will record your PowerPoint presentation and create a table of contents entry for each slide in the recording. You may also see a ‘Record Keynote’ option as well.
      Note: when recording, your presentation must be in slideshow mode for this feature to function correctly.
  • Under the section labeled ‘Secondary Sources’:
      • ‘Secondary Source 1’ and ‘Secondary Source 2’ will allow you to choose and record available sources from a drop down menu. Note: If you select the computer you are working on as a source, whatever you have open on the computer will be recorded.
  • To Record
    • To start a recording, select the ‘Record’ button.
    • To stop a recording, select the ‘Stop’ button.
    • To pause a recording, select the ‘Pause’ button. Note: it is possible to resume the recording after it is paused.  
    • When you are finished recording, press the ‘Stop’ button.  Once you stop the recording, you will be prompted to upload your recording. Select ‘Done’ to upload the recording to the video folder in your Canvas course space. Students can access your videos by following steps 1-2 to get to your course video folder.  

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