Canvas Course Spaces – Creation and availability information (Feburary 1, 2022)

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Communication: Course Space Creation, Content Copying, and Availability

AOI email dated February 1, 2022

Subject: Canvas Course Spaces – Creation and availability information


You are receiving this email because you are slated to teach a Global Campus course in Summer or Fall 2022. We want to inform you about course space creation, content copying, and availability. 

Summer 2022 Canvas course spaces will be created on February 7, and Fall 2022 Canvas course spaces will be created by March 1.

Once the course spaces have been created, Global Campus will begin copying course content into them. The process can take a few weeks to address all Global Campus courses. 

You will receive an email from Course Verification once the previous version of your course has been copied into the new course space and is ready for your review. We ask that you do not make any edits in the Canvas course space until you receive the email. This will ensure that no work is overwritten.

If you have any questions, please email We are also available during on-demand times to answer questions.


Michael Sugerman
Vice Provost of Academic Affairs for Global Campus

Christie Kittle (she/her)
Assistant Director of Learning Innovations