A New Way to Facilitate Peer Review Using Perusall

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Weekly Tip: A New Way to Facilitate Peer Review Using Perusall

The new Student Upload Folder in Persuall allows students to upload content to the course library so instructors can create assignments with their work. This new feature provides a unique way to facilitate and assess peer review assignments.

Create the Student Upload Folder

  1. First, add a student folder to the library by selecting the green + Add content button from the top right-hand corner of the page, then select Student upload folder at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot: Add content button, upper right.
  2. Next, add a name for the folder and a description if you like. Also, notice that you can decide when to allow students to upload documents into the folder and choose to hide the folder, if necessary.
    Screenshot: Add name and folder description.
  3. Students can upload content like PDFs, EPUBs, or Word documents. For accessibility purposes, please instruct students to avoid scanned and other unreadable documents. 

Create an Assignment from the Student Upload Folder

Once students have uploaded materials into the student folder, you can create an assignment the same way you create other assignments in Perusall. To learn more, come to AOI On-Demand Support

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