Perusall Integration to be turned off in Blackboard (April 20, 2021)

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Communication: Perusall Integration to be Turned Off in Blackboard

AOI email dated April 20, 2021

Subject: Important: Your Spring [embedded course information] course 

We are contacting you today regarding your [embedded course information] Spring 2021 course in Blackboard using the Perusall integration. On April 30, we plan to turn on the integration of Perusall in Canvas. After this semester, Perusall is being turned off in Blackboard in order to be supported in Canvas.

What to expect once the Perusall integration is turned on in Canvas:

  • If you are only operating in Blackboard, you should experience no issues.
  • If you are operating in both Blackboard and Canvas within Perusall, you may get a message to merge accounts followed by an email from Perusall. Simply open the email and select the button to “Confirm and merge accounts.” This may occur more than once.
  • Your content, grades, and interactions will still be accessible after the Perusall integration is turned off in Blackboard.
  • AOI can help you set up the Perusall integration in your Canvas course space.
    • Visit AOI’s On-Demand Support room any time Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Alternatively, email to request an appointment with an instructional designer that can help you with Perusall and all things Canvas related.  

Resources you can take advantage of in preparation for the transition to Canvas: 

Thanks for working with us through this transition.

WSU Academic Outreach and Innovation Staff