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Weekly Tip: Zoom: A Tool for Collaborating

In Fall 2019, WSU introduced Zoom as the university-wide solution for a variety of distance learning needs. You have likely already used it to join meetings from your computer, or as the infrastructure for your video conference room calls, but Zoom also allows real-time connection with students directly through our learning management system.

Global Campus instructors have been using Zoom for their synchronous course components, like office hours, but it also provides the following features:

  • Screen Sharing – You and your students can share any program or video clip (with audio) to the group to help clarify, review, and collaborate.
  • Interactive Content – Anyone in the class can annotate on content being shared, or on the built-in whiteboard.
    • Graphic: Light bulb.Update: Virtual Whiteboards can now be saved! Enable this option through your settings.
  • File Sharing – Share files through the chat feature.
    • Graphic: Light bulb.Update: You can sync to and share files from your OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox!
  • Recording Transcripts – As an added layer of equitable learning, students can re-watch the class session with auto-generated transcripts to supplement the audio.
  • Security – Increased security options are available that can help with classroom management.

Ways Zoom can Improve Your Class Experience

  • Student to Instructor Interactions – Provide alternative means of meeting by setting up one-on-one virtual office hours.
    • Use the waiting room feature to offer students privacy.
  • Outside Experts – Invite a guest presenter to bring a real-world perspective to concepts and principles covered in your course. Guests can join from their computer or mobile device.
  • Increase Student Engagement – Create multiple virtual meeting rooms so students can collaborate on group work outside of the class session.
  • Active Learning – During live sessions, create breakout rooms to allow students to work in small groups and learn from each other.
    • Graphic: Light bulb.Consideration: Have students choose and use the same virtual background. Once the class has returned to a large group, it will be easier to see who was in the same group.

Learn more about peer instruction. 

That is just the beginning of what you can do with Zoom.

Note: Zoom must be updated to take advantage of the latest updates available.

Join our Zoom trainings to learn more about available features and updates.

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