Communication: Canvas Transition (March 10, 2021)

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Communication: Canvas Transition

Global Campus email dated March 10, 2021

Subject: Important: Global Campus Canvas Transition

Dear Global Campus Faculty,

As you might have heard, WSU is currently transitioning its Learning Management System (LMS) from Blackboard to Canvas. By Fall 2021, all instruction will occur through Canvas. For you, this means that all course content you have in Blackboard courses will be moved into Canvas course spaces. We know that such a move is daunting, and so we are writing to you today to reassure you that Global Campus (GC) staff will complete the task of moving your content between the two platforms for you. You do not need to worry about creating a space in Canvas or saving your Blackboard content. What follows is more information regarding the transition and the various ways Global Campus’ staff will be available to support you however we can.

For each Fall 2021 course, Global Campus will:

  1. Copy the content from the course’s previous offering and put it into the Fall 2021 Canvas space.
  2. Arrange the course content to align with the GC template for Canvas, accessibility requirements, and the functionality of the Blackboard space.
    • We will contact you directly if a situation arises in which we need your input to proceed.
    • IMPORTANT: Please note that some integrations (e.g., Panopto, Perusall) may not be implemented or migrated until right before Fall semester launches. If this affects your course, details will be indicated in the Course Verification communications.
  3. Send to you for review. The Course Verification process will still be used to confirm and communicate critical course information. Expect an email from Academic Outreach & Innovation Service Desk Course Verification.
    • IMPORTANT: Wait for communication from GC before adjusting your Canvas space. If you are interacting with the course space before you receive the Cloning workflow, your content may be unintentionally deleted as part of the migration process.

Please note, if you are working with an instructional designer to redesign a course, they will support you through a process that may look slightly different than above.

What we need from you:

  • Again, please wait for communication from GC before adjusting your Canvas space. Because this first round of migration includes many intricate integrations, if you see something that doesn’t look right while we are still migrating content, we may already be in the process of fixing it. If you want to check in with us, we encourage you to reach out to to connect with a GC staff member.
  • When the course migration is completed, please review your course.
    • Stay tuned: We are creating a resource to help you get acquainted to your Fall 2021 Canvas course space and what should be reviewed.
  • Respond to Course Verification emails in a timely manner. Your timely responses are critical to moving the Course Verification process forward and ensuring timely migration completion.
    • Upon receipt of your initial Cloning Verification, please review and respond within five business days.

Resources you can take advantage of:


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