Faculty-Led Workshops

Training Materials—Fall 2020

Below are the materials made available for the Faculty led Workshops and their associated  Create & Apply for Spring 2020. We thank you for your patience as we seek to continually improve our processes.

WSU AOI works hard to ensure all of our online documentation is accessible. If you are have problems with any of the materials below, please contact us immediately at aoi.li@wsu.edu.

Inclusive Pedagogy: A Community of Practice Approach

Sept 24, 2020

Guest Speakers: Dr. Jaime Nolan and Dr. Jim Burns

Mastering Distance Delivery

October 13, 2020

Large Enrollment Management and Finesse: Leveraging Instructional Technology

October 28, 2020

Meeting Your Students Where They Are: Finding Solutions and Building Community Worldwide

Dec 9, 2020