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Use Technology to Deliver Your Campus Class

Blackboard Learn

Every campus course has an associated online Bb Learn course space

  • Enable your course space so that students have access:
    • Log into
    • In your My Courses box, you should see links to the courses you are teaching. If you do not, check the dropdown “Term” box to be sure the current term is selected.
      screenshot: show enrollment counts, Term dropdown with 2016 Fall selected
    • You can select the link and will have access to your course space, but your students will not until you Enable the course under “Availability”.
      screenshot: Enable course outlined with black box
      Select the word “Enable” and OK in the pop-up box. The column will now indicate “Disable”.

      screenshot: Disable course outlined with black box

Now you have a course space—so what?

In most cases there are ways to replicate what you planned to do in your face to face course. Instructions for standard course activities are below. Review Blackboard tutorials for the Blackboard Tools and Panopto Lecture Capture, also available on the Blackboard site.

  • Blackboard Communication Tools
    • You can quickly set up a discussion board to deliver announcements to the class, or to facilitate an asynchronous content related discussion.
    • Bb also has an email feature you can use to notify all students as to what they need to do.
  • Deliver a lecture
    • Panopto Lecture Capture can be used to record an audio lecture as well as to screen capture whatever is on your desktop that you might want to display.
    • Alternatively If you prefer to deliver and record a live, real time lecture, Zoom is the best tool.
  • Demonstrations
    • Panopto Lecture Capture can be used to screen capture anything on your computer desktop.
    • For drawing or equations use a Wacom, tablet, or stylus and upload the recording to Bb.
  • Readings—Upload a file or create a hyper link to a reading or video assignment.
  • Group work—Groups can be easily set up in Bb and students can use the Bb communication tools to document their work.
  • Assignments—Create an assignment drop box, complete with assignment instructions
    • Grading assignments and providing feedback
  • Tests, quizzes and assessment—Use the Bb assessment tool. Additionally, quizzes can be built into Panopto recordings to ensure students are understanding what they are viewing.
  • Office hours—Zoom will provide a means for you to meet with virtually with students, real time

Thinking ahead

  • Rather than responding on the fly, it is best to be ready for any emergency.
    • Attend Bb trainings
    • Set up your Blackboard course space so that it is organized and students can easily find what they need
    • Populate it with the basics so that students get used to going there for information
    • Syllabus
    • Course Schedule
    • Use the Announcement feature
    • Using the assignment drop box can save paper and increase efficiencies
  • Think about flipping your class. Uploading lecture material and other course resources has several advantages:
    • Students come to class prepared
    • Students have robust materials available 24/7 for studying
    • Class time can be used for active processing of information rather than passive reception

Contact AOI to meet with an Instructional Designer to talk about available instructional technologies and all of the possibilities.