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In recognition of the visionary leadership of Dr. Muriel Oaks, WSU Dean Emeritus, the Oaks award recognizes a faculty member’s innovative application of an existing technology to transform teaching and learning in their classroom.  To apply, please read the Oaks Award Rubric (pdf), and then complete and submit the application form below. The award winner will receive $3,000 in faculty development funds, distributed to the home department of the faculty awardee.  

Application deadline: Monday, March 23, 8:30 a.m.

  • This award recognizes current use of technology in a way that is transformative, ideally scalable and applicable to a variety of disciplines (not intended for planning or future implementation of a technology innovation). 
  • The technology cannot create a barrier to individuals, so it should be accessible, affordable and user friendly. 
  • Most importantly, as Muriel knew, the tool should serve a purpose.  It should be about teaching and learning, not technology for technology’s sake.
    • — Can be but is not limited to a WSU licensed platform such as Polycom Video Conference or Blackboard (Learning Management System).
    • — Which class(es) used this technology? List the course(s) (prefix & number), with enrollment size.
    • — What was the purpose of the technology? What were you hoping to accomplish?
    • — Why this specific tool? Address pedagogical or theoretical rational supporting use of the tool.
    • — How did this tool change the way you teach or students learn?
    • — How did you implement this academic technology?
    • — Address any challenges to the implementation.
    • — Provide details regarding the “cost” of implementation: financial and resource needs, user friendliness for both instructors and students, accessibility, sustainability and scalability.
    • — Did you accomplish your goals? How do you know?
    • — Articulate any plans to adjust/adapt technology use based on evaluation of implementation.
  • Attach any supporting documentation (optional)
  • (optional)