VoiceThread—Increasing Social Presence and Collaboration

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VoiceThread—Increasing Social Presence and Collaboration

VoiceThread is a web-based tool that is useful for having asynchronous audio and video conversations around media such as images, presentations, videos, and documents. VoiceThread can help bring social presence to your online course.  All WSU students, faculty, and staff have VoiceThread accounts.

Below are some examples of how VoiceThread can be used within a course:

  • Collaborative Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Project Reviews
  • Test Reviews

Creative Uses for VoiceThread

At Creative Uses for VoiceThread, examples are given about how this tool is used in the online environment to enrich the student experience. Some uses can be media critiques, sign language projects and assignments, studio critiques, and identifying problems and providing solutions.

Giving feedback on student assignments can easily be completed using a video from the instructor and annotation tools within VoiceThread.

The VoiceThread site gives many examples of how instructors have used this tool in their classrooms.


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