Universal Design for Learning Serves All Students

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Universal Design for Learning Serves All Students

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a student-centered strategy that ensures all learners have equitable access to course materials. The implementation of UDL principles benefits all students, regardless of learning needs or preferences.

Keeping a few simple tips in mind when creating content can improve students’ learning experience and save instructors time in the long run.

  • Consider delivering materials in more than one format: text, audio, video, and images
  • Provide captioning or a transcript for video and audio.
  • Be explicit when addressing content. Avoid vague language such as this/that/, here/there etc.
  • Provide notes, outlines, presentations, etc. in advance to allow students ample time to review and process information before class.
  • Provide opportunities for ongoing self-tests, surveys, practice, peer and instructor review, etc., so students know how they are doing throughout the course.
  • Offer multiple ways for students to demonstrate their understanding. Depending on the goals of an assignment, a student could choose to write a paper, create a poster, video, or PowerPoint presentation, or create a podcast, etc.
  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to engage with each other and with you.

Building an accessible learning environment for students doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start creating an equitable environment for your students by incorporating one or two of the tips listed above. For more information on creating an accessible learning environment for your students, please contact the Learning Innovations Team.

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