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Academic Outreach & Innovation does not provide cables or adapters. You must supply your own cables and adapters if you will be connecting any equipment in addition to the equipment provided in the classroom.

Classroom Photos

Scheduling Information | Classroom Technical Assistance : or 509-335-5044

Classroom Specifications

54 Seats
Active learning Classroom with 9 Stations
Moveable tablet arm chairs with fixed or folding tablets

Display Device: Single image video projector
1 Wireless Lavalier microphone
1 Projection Screen
1 Overhead Projector
Document camera
Assistive listening


Microsoft Office
Internet Explorer
Epic Pen
PDF Viewer


DVD Player
3 USB Ports
1 HDMI Port

Lecture capture software: Panopto
Will record:
Instructor video camera: No
Instructor microphone: Yes
Classroom computer desktop: Yes
Document camera: Yes
Laptop (HDMI and VGA/3.5mm): Yes

Zoom instructions (pdf)
Please note that these instructions are for hosting a Zoom meeting from a classroom computer, and are not for regularly-scheduled VC classes.