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Weekly Tip: Using VoiceThread for Course Portfolios

A course portfolio can be easily implemented and benefit student learning regardless of discipline.  A few of these benefits include the practice of self-reflection, ownership of learning, and fostering a growth mindset.  

[Instructors] can and should treat portfolios as a student-driven assessment experience…by giving students the autonomy and responsibility to develop their own digital portfolios, students are likely to own the results of their learning, and subsequently the learning itself.

—Matt Renwick, educator and author

Additionally, students can see their cumulative work, uniquely express what they have learned, and demonstrate their growth over the duration of the course.  Consider using VoiceThread as a portfolio building tool.

VoiceThread is a web-based tool that is useful for having asynchronous audio and video conversations around media such as images, presentations, videos, and documents.  VoiceThread can be used by students to collect their work, reflect on it, and share with a variety of audiences including stakeholders, and future employers.  All WSU students, faculty, and staff have VoiceThread accounts available at

Tips for Using VoiceThread to Create a Course Portfolio

  • Introduce the concept and benefits of a portfolio.
  • Add self-reflection as a component to assignments to reinforce the portfolio concept, allow students to get acclimated to the self-reflective process, and learn the VoiceThread technology.
  • Create and provide a rubric as a reference point for self-reflection.
  • Model reflection using VoiceThread. Learn more about reflection and feedback methods.
  • Have students practice uploading and creating reflections using VoiceThread.
  • Encourage students to use their own voice and creativity to express themselves.

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