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Weekly Tip: Creative Corridor

Creative Corridor

The Creative Corridor offers students and faculty access to creative opportunities and technologies. It promotes interdisciplinary, collaborative, creative projects (credited and non-credited) that are not limited by a student’s primary area of academic discipline.

The goals are:

  • Showcase experience and opportunities
  • Learn to talk about work and contributions
  • Articulate complex ideas to non-technical or diverse audiences
  • Develop team mentalities and team-oriented contributions
  • Foster mentoring relationships between students and peers
  • Foster mentoring relationships between students and faculty
  • Foster mentoring relationships between students and industry
  • Build onto a resumé or portfolio of work
  • E-Portfolio
    • Experiences
    • Projects
    • Processes

Events and Projects

The Creative Corridor offers varying opportunities for faculty and students to be involved. Below are some examples of recent and upcoming achievements. Some of the Creative Corridor’s projects are highlighted at The Spark’s Current Projects website.

Bench of Belonging

Recently, the Office of the Provost highlighted the Creative Corridor’s Bench of Belonging project. This project will be installed in The Spark early next year.

Adobe Creative Jam

In this event series local thought leaders share a behind-the-scene peek into their processes and projects; meanwhile, teams compete in a tournament that puts their creative skills to the test using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Learn more about the Adobe Creative Jam.

Cougar Head Event: Cougs Color

This upcoming event is designed to give students a sense of belonging while studying for a test or collaborating with other students in The Spark. Participating students will color cougar heads and have their designs mounted on the wall in the Student Skills Studio.

Learn more about the Cougar Head event.

Bryan Clock Tower Project

This upcoming project will include undergraduate students from all majors. Students will work collaboratively in Adobe and Matterport to digitize Bryan Hall and the Clock Tower.

How to Participate

Participation from departments, faculty, and students is welcome. All are invited to get involved. To speak with the Creative Corridor support team, please contact Academic Outreach and Innovation at

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