Action Required on Incomplete Grades from summer or fall 2020 Global Campus courses (April 27, 2021)

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Communication: Action Required on Incomplete Grades from Summer or Fall 2020 Global Campus Courses

Global Campus email dated April 27, 2021

Subject: Action Required on Incomplete Grades: [embedded course information] Course 

We are contacting you today regarding outstanding Incomplete grades in the following [embedded term info] Global Campus course:

[embedded student information]

WSU’s contract with Blackboard expires on August 21, 2021, which may impact your course and students working to complete their coursework.

According to our records, the student(s) listed below received an Incomplete grade for your course and has been granted additional time to complete the course per Academic Regulation 90.

[embedded student information]

We are asking for your help in determining if we will need to transition this course to Canvas to allow time for the student(s) to complete the course and for you to submit final grades.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Will the students have completed the coursework so you will be able to submit final grades before August 21st, when you will no longer have access to the course?
  2. Will we need to transition this course to Canvas?

This message will prompt a Jira ticket with our office so we can best serve you and your students as determined by your answers.

Thank you for your help in working with us through this transition.


Global Campus Registrar