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Communication: Canvas Transition for Global Campus Summer Courses ending after Aug. 21

Global Campus email dated March 30, 2021

Subject: Important: Your Global Campus Summer Course [embedded course information]

Dear Global Campus Faculty,

We are contacting you today regarding your [embedded course information] Summer 2021 Global Campus course in Blackboard. WSU’s contract with Blackboard expires on August 21, 2021, which will impact your summer course. Therefore, to prevent a disruption to your LMS this summer, we will transition your Summer 2021 course to Canvas.

Global Campus will:

  1. Copy the content from the course’s previous offering and put it into the Summer 2021 Canvas space. 
    • Note: if there is existing content in your Summer 2021 Blackboard course, we will use this content instead. 
  2. Arrange the course content to align with the GC template for Canvas, accessibility requirements, and the functionality of the Blackboard space. 
    • We will contact you directly if a situation arises in which we need your input to proceed.
  3. Send to you for review. The Course Verification process will still be used to confirm and communicate critical course information. Expect an email from Academic Outreach & Innovation Service Desk Course Verification. 
    • IMPORTANT: Wait for communication from GC before adjusting your Canvas space. If you are interacting with the course space before you receive the Cloning workflow, your content may be unintentionally deleted as part of the migration process.  

Resources you can take advantage of:  

Thanks for working with us through this transition.


Global Campus Staff