Teaching Innovation Forum

Training Materials—Spring 2020

The materials for the Teaching Innovation Forum Spring 2020 will be posted below as they are made available.

WSU AOI works hard to ensure all of our online documentation is accessible. If you are have problems with any of the materials below, please contact us immediately at aoi.li@wsu.edu.

Are students really reading the web page I direct them to?

My students just want to get the grade and get out. How can I generate interest for a topic they don’t see value in?

Let’s Make Your Syllabus Accessible

The following syllabus is purposefully inaccessible so that participants can download the file and learn to make it accessible. You will need Microsoft Word to open the following link

Future Faculty Spotlight: How do I Promote Equity in Group Work?

During the presentation , participants had the opportunity to engage with the Explain Everything app on iPads. You can download the Explain Everything app here. During the presentation you do not have to create an account.

My Students Arrive to Each Class so Unprepared

How do I transfer my passion and expertise into classroom activities?