Kaltura Media Gallery

Note: Currently, Kaltura is only available for Global Campus courses. Please use Panopto for your non-global campus courses.

A list of course videos is available in the Kaltura Media Gallery, found on the course navigation bar. If a link to the Media Gallery isn’t already in the left nav bar, visit How do I manage Course Navigation Links

Adding a video to course content

While editing a Canvas page use the Tools dropdown, select Apps, then View All, and finally Embed Kaltura Media.

Screenshot: Menu item Apps, submenu item View All.

In the popup window select Media Gallery, and then select the embed button next to the video you want to add to the page.

Screenshot: Heading Embed Kaltura Media, subitem Media Gallery.
Screenshot: Embed button.

Video Transcripts

Video transcripts will now be located only in the Media Gallery. From the video, select Attachments to download the transcript.