Distance Delivery Mastery Certificate

We have temporarily stopped offering the Teaching from a Distance trainings required for the Distance Delivery Mastery Certificate. Please check back soon for updates.

The Distance Delivery Mastery Certificate provides an opportunity for instructors to gain competence in all aspects critical to fostering student success in the distance delivery environment.  Through trainings, and the support of Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI), instructors will gain the knowledge and tools needed to successfully adapt their teaching style to the distance environment.

Earning this certificate allows instructors to build confidence and comfort in the distance environment thereby enriching their teaching, promoting student success, and documenting professional development.

Although this certificate has no set expiration date, further engagement with AOI may be necessary in response to changes in technology, best pedagogical practices, and NWCCU guidance.

Note: If you are teaching a Global Campus course, the required training is the Online Teaching Orientation.


To achieve this certificate, you must meet the following two requirements:

  1. Attend a minimum of three AOI trainings
  2. Complete this self-assessment

Training Required

Teaching From a Distance Series

At least one of your trainings must be from this category to qualify for the certificate. The required self-assessment is based on the outcomes listed below. Learning outcomes for each training are listed below.  

Teaching from a Distance: Strategies and Best Practices

  • Define essential terms associated with distance delivery. ​
  • Organize your online course space using best practices.​
  • Identify expectations to define and communicate in an online environment.​
  • Identify strategies to engage students in multiple ways. ​
  • Locate resources for creating accessible online content.

Teaching from a Distance: Community Building and Connection

  • Define a Community-Centered environment ​
  • Identify concrete steps to address challenges and support a community centered class​
  • Locate resources for further exploration.​
  • Discuss and address specific needs that you may have

Teaching from a Distance: Authentic Assessment

  • Identify effective approaches for assessment in an online environment.
  • Discuss the importance of using measurable learning outcomes as the foundation of assessment.
  • Identify ways to organize students for self and peer assessment.
  • Locate, adapt and use rubrics for outcomes-based assessment
  • Discuss the use of formative assessment to support student’s learning.

Other AOI Training

Canvas (Learning Management System)

  • Getting Started
  • Assignments and Rubrics
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Gradebook
  • New Analytics

Educational Technology Tools

  • Panopto Basics
  • Panopto and Canvas
  • VoiceThread Basics
  • VoiceThread and Canvas
  • Perusall and Canvas: Ensure your Students are Reading
  • Zoom Updates and Advanced Implementations

Teaching from a Distance

  • Strategies and Best Practices
  • Community Building and Connection
  • Authentic Assessment

Faculty-Led Workshops/Teaching Conversations and Idea Exchanges

  • Faculty-Led Workshops
  • Community of Practice Opportunities
  • Teaching Innovation Forum