Video Conference Support

Support Contacts

  • For Technical Support, contact AOI Support: or 509-335‑5044

Support Resources

Things to Know

Course Zoom Meeting

  • AOI creates the recurring Zoom meeting for officially scheduled VC courses.
  • VC courses are set to automatically record.
    • NOTE: VC course recordings constitute protected educational records and therefore require student privacy and FERPA compliance.

Course Connections

  • Each WSU campus has a team of VC technicians to assist with class connections.
  • If your campus-based room is not connected at least three minutes prior to the scheduled start time, contact your local support team.
  • Please alert your local site coordinator of any class cancellations or site visits.

Classroom Specifications

Common VC Terms

  • Origination Site – Site where the instructor is teaching from.
  • Destination Site – Site where the students receive instruction.