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Examity proctored exam information for faculty

Examity is the Proctoring Vendor WSU has partnered with to proctor online exams for the 2018-2019 year.

Global Campus instructors who would like to have Examity proctoring in their course should request them during the course verification process. Non-global campus instructors should reach out to Cheryl Esselen at

Examity is integrated with Blackboard. You can access your Examity dashboard directly from your Blackboard course space.

  • Examity will provide you with incident reports if they suspect a student of cheating, so you will be informed of any issue.
  • You can review all recorded exam sessions within 30 days.
  • Exam sessions are flagged to indicate concerns (see below for more detail).

Examity Support

  • For faculty only: For emergency support you can contact our account manager, Cheryl Esselen, directly at 1-855-392-6489 or 1-617-600-4453 or via email at
  • 24/7 Technical Support is available at 1-855-Examity (1-855-392-6489) or

Examity Dashboard—Quick Start Guide

Through your Blackboard course space, tools link, you can connect to your Examity Dashboard.

screenshot: Your online course, examity menu item outlined in red

As Global Campus will continue to communicate all exam details (open/close dates, passwords, course specific rules etc.) to Examity, including accommodations you will be primarily interested in the Exam Status and Reports tables.

Accessing Examity and navigating to exam status and reports

Tracking Exam Status

Check the status of scheduled, completed, and proctored exams by clicking “Exam Status” in the Examity dashboard.  You can see which students have completed their exams and whether or not they had any violations.  This is also where you view any student violations.

Navigating to Exam Status in Examity

You can watch videos of your students taking their exams by clicking the blue “View” link.  If the “View” link is not clickable, that means the exam has not yet been audited.  All exams will be audited within 48 hours of the student completing the exam.

Examity possible audit outcomes

  • Green flags are raised when there is no incident.
  • Yellow flags are issued when a rule is broken but cheating does not take place.
  • Red flags are given when the student exhibits clear cheating behavior.
  • If a technical issue arises, we will communicate that to you with a blue alert.


Under the “Reports” button you can run your own reports using any of the metrics available. Popular reports include:

  • Test Summary: Provides data on how many exams are scheduled.
  • Wait Times: Shows how long it takes for students to connect to a proctor.
  • Launch Times: Shows how long it takes between when authentication begins and the student selects “Begin Exam.”
  • Evaluations: Students are prompted to take a survey after they have completed an exam. Here you can see how they are rating Examity services.