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Note: The information on this page is for WSU students affected by the decision to move in-person courses to online formats beginning March 23.


WSU instructors will determine how best to administer assessments and exams. Check your Blackboard Learn course space for more information. 

Proctored Exams

One or more of your WSU courses may need to be proctored virtually. There is no cost to students for this service.

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial proctor, who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process. 


WSU uses Proctorio, a trusted third party virtual proctoring service. With Proctorio, your proctoring session will be monitored and recorded to ensure academic integrity. 

  • You will use your own computer to take exams. 
  • You will need reliable, high-speed internet connection.
  • You must have the most current version of Chrome on your computer.
  • Your computer must be equipped with a working webcam, speakers, and microphone, and meet Proctorio’s minimum system requirements. 
  • You must take your exam in a private location with reliable high-speed internet connection 

Preparing for Your Proctoring Session with Proctorio: Pre-Exam Information

Install Google Chrome

When you’re ready to take your proctored exam, you’ll need to use Google Chrome. Chrome is fast, secure, and works on any computer—best of all it’s free! If you don’t yet have it, download Chrome today at

Install the Proctorio Extension

Proctorio requires an extension that needs to be added to Chrome. Installing it takes about 30 seconds, and you’ll only need to do it once. To add the Proctorio Extension, go to  Select the link to Install Proctorio Chrome Extension. 

Have Your Identification Ready

Proctorio requires students to go through an ID check when they want to take their exam. No scheduling is required!

You’ll be asked to show your photo ID during the ID check. You can use your WSU student ID card, a valid driver’s license, or passport.

Have your photo ID with you before you start your exam.

Prepare to Take Your Exam

Find a private and quiet work space to take your exam.

Before you start your exam, you’ll be asked to show your desk and work space, as well as a 360 degree room pan and desk sweep with your webcam. This is to ensure your work space is clear of any materials unauthorized by your instructor.

Tips for success:

  • Have your ID with you
  • Dress appropriately, as if you are taking the exam in a classroom
  • Take care of bathroom and other personal matters ahead of time
  • Arrange for child care ahead of time
  • Leave purses, backpacks, hats, notebooks, cell phones, and other electronic devices outside your testing area
  • Close any applications that are running, and other screens or tabs you may have open
  • Make sure your current internet connection is stable for the duration of the exam
  • Check your course syllabus to be sure you know what materials are allowed during the exam 

Taking the Exam

Access the Proctorio Extension

Using Google Chrome, log in to Blackboard, and go to your course space. Select the Assessments link from the course navigation menu, then for your first time using Proctorio, select Secure Exam Proctor


The Secure Exam Proctor will confirm that you are using Chrome and have successfully installed the Proctorio extension. When the check is complete, navigate back to your course space in Blackboard to access the exam.

Access the Exam, Start Pre-Checks

Select the link for your exam. Assessment instructions will be displayed. Read through the instructions to be sure you know of any special exam requirements.

Select Begin to start a series of exam pre-checks. The pre-check series will run a diagnostics test which checks your webcam, microphone, internet connection, and desktop connection.


Once the pre-checks are complete, Proctorio will capture an image of your face, and prompt you to show your photo ID by holding the ID up to your webcam. 

Begin Your Exam

Before you can start your exam, you’ll be asked to show your desk and work space, as well as a 360 degree room pan and desk sweep with your webcam. This is to ensure your work space is clear of any materials unauthorized by your instructor. Once that is complete you’ll be allowed to begin your exam.

During the test, the proctor will be monitoring for suspicious or restricted activity.

Help and Support

Proctorio support staff is available 24/7 to help you. 

The fastest and easiest way to contact support is using “the shield” icon. This icon is only present on quiz pages after you install the extension. 


If you’re still having trouble getting Chrome or the extension installed, please send an email to Phone support is also available at 480-428-4089 or 866-948-9248.

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