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Thank you for registering for: \;

Blackboard \;Le arn: \;Tests and Quizzes \;

Tuesday\, \;April \;2 1\, 2020&nb sp\;

3:10p – \;4p \;


You can attend your session virtually in the Zoom mee ting room: \;

&nbs p\;

Join the Blackboard Learn \;Meeting&n bsp\;
Meeting ID: \;143 904 976 \;

< p class=paragraph style='margin:0in\;margin-bottom:.0001pt\;vertical-align :baseline\;user-select: text\;-webkit-user-drag: none\;-webkit-tap-highlig ht-color: transparent\;overflow-wrap: break-word'> \;

Join from WSU Conference Room System (Polycom)  \;

    1. Using the touch panel\, or remote control\,select 'Place a Call' \;

    2. Enter the IP Address includ ing periods: \;

    3. Press the pound key twice ' ##' \;

    4. Enter the Meeting ID: \;143 904 976 \;

    5. Press 'Call' \;


Join from Confere nce Room System with SIP \;

                 \; \;< /span>


Share Screen/Content Wirelessly \; \;

                Go to \;http s:// \;and enter Meeting ID: \;143 904 976 \;

                \; \;

Phone Call (long distance) \;< /span> \;

                +1 \;720 707 2699  \;< span style='font-size:9.0pt\;font-family:"Segoe UI"\,sans-serif'>

                +1 \;720 707 2699\,&nbs p\;143904976# US (One Tap Mobile Call) \;


F ind your international phone number: \;https://zo \; \;

& nbsp\;

For tech nical support with WSU conference rooms\, contact your local IT team. \;


For support or feature requests\, please&nbs p\;go to \; deo-conferencing-services/ \;

< /span> \;

< span style='font-size:12.0pt\;font-family:"Lucida Sans"\,sans-serif\;mso-b idi-font-family:"Segoe UI"'> \;

We look forward to seeing \;you \;there! \;

The Learn ing Innovations Team \;

 \;< /span>

For more \;Learning Innova tions events\, please visit the \;faculty workshop and training schedule \;on the LI website.If you need to cancel your registration\, please emai \;

509-335-355 7 | \;

&nb sp\;