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Pullman | General University Classrooms | Todd Hall | Todd 411

Classroom Photos

360 View

Classroom Specifications


Classroom type: Standard
Seats: 45 + 3 wheelchair spaces
Assisted listening: Assisted listening devices are available for check out from AOI


(1) Wall mounted panel (for classroom control)
(2) Video projectors: 1 video projector for displaying classroom content and 1 video projector for interacting with classroom computer content
(1) Classroom computer

Connection Panel

In place of a traditional connection panel, instructors will use Mersive Solstice, a wireless sharing software. There is also one USB connection available. Please contact AOI if you would like more information.



Mersive Solstice
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Adobe PDF Viewer
VLC Media Player
Epic Pen
Remote Desktop Client
Countdown Timer


Panopto Settings

Lecture capture software: Panopto
Will record:
Instructor video camera: No
Instructor microphone: Yes
Classroom computer desktop: Yes
Document camera: Yes
Laptop connection (HDMI and VGA/3.5mm): Yes

Zoom Settings

Zoom instructions (pdf)
Please note that these instructions are for hosting a Zoom meeting from a classroom computer, and are not for regularly-scheduled VC classes.