Important: Global Campus Update, Fall 2022 (May 9, 2022)

We hope your spring semester has gone well, and we are excited to have you teach for Global Campus in upcoming academic terms. Please review the following updates so that you know how Global Campus is getting information out to students using the courses’ “More Information” page.

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Student-Led Online Discussions

Have you ever considered allowing students to take a greater role in facilitating class discussions in online forums? This week’s tip provides some ideas for how to do this in your course.

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Preparing Your Semester Schedule for a Summer Session

Are you scheduled to teach a summer session? Converting a 16-week semester course calendar to a summer schedule poses some unique design challenges. This week’s tip provides some considerations as you begin converting your schedule.

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Considerations when Selecting Resources

Selecting resources for your course can be a challenge. Especially when there are a wide variety of resources to choose from. A previous Weekly Tip entitled How to Choose a Quality Third-Party Resource, provided a checklist of considerations for selecting resources. Here are some additional points to consider.

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Low-Stakes Formative Assessment

In September 2018, we shared a tip that defined low-stakes formative assessments and suggested a few strategies. In the following tip, we’ll be taking a closer look at a few of the strategies mentioned, considering how these can help your students better retain information and prepare for future high-stakes assessment.

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