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Best Practices for All Session Attendees

  • For the optimal session using Collaborate with the Ultra Experience, we recommend that all users attend with Google’s Chrome browser or Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Chrome and Firefox support all of the functionality necessary to run a full-featured Collaborate session through its support of WebRTC.
  • Make sure Audio and Video are set up correctly. Go to Settings (Gear icon) > Audio and Video Settings > Setup your Camera and Microphone.
  • If using Wi-Fi, try to be as close to the router as possible.
  • Using a headset is preferred, users without headsets should be sure to be in a quiet area to prevent background noise.
  • Be in a well-lit area if transmitting video.
  • Close streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, P2P, Spotify, or Pandora before accessing the session.

For Presenting in Collaborate with the Ultra Experience

Apply the following best practices in addition to those for all Session Attendees (see above).

For Conference Rooms

Apply the following best practices in addition to those for all Presenters (see above).

  • Ensure equipment has adequate pick-up range for the conference room.
  • Read and follow the manual included with your conference room device when configuring the product. Some conference room equipment requires special consideration for participant placement to provide optimal microphone pickup.
  • Ensure other conference room equipment is turned off or does not interfere with the device. External speakers, laptop speakers, and other audio devices are all possible sources of feedback in a conference room setting.